Jessica is a lyricist, vocalist, guitarist, flautist, Army veteran indie
rocker. Playing in the tri-state area she has a reputation of having
high energy and emotional performances. Paris’ songs have
commercial appeal while maintaining lyrical depth. Jessica's
rhythmical guitar playing and vocal range commands attention.
But how do others see her?

* The fucking girl is one hot mess, but she sure can sing! - Mark S
* A voice as beautiful as the lips it rolls off of, a mind as deep as
the ocean, and thinks putting a penis on a snowman is frickin'
hilarious. - David M
* Takes. No. Prisoners. - Justin A
*  The voice of an angel, that is frequently possessed by Satan
will trap you in a limbo of emotion. But your path out will be paved
with honey jack leaving you warm and fuzzy inside with a sweet
taste on your lips. - Ramon L
* Mad talent!! - Vicki O C
* Look up AWESOMENESS in the dictionary, it would show a
picture of Jessica Paris - Dave B
* She is a smart and talented person who has a heart of gold -
Morgan M
* Protector of kumquats - Nick F
* Confounding mystics and gymnasts for years, Jessica once
learned to juggle the theory of tartar sauce and five legged kittens
while casting a plastic mold for crankshafts. She readily and
regularly changes belly dancers to ballet dancers and vica versa,
and she has mastered the art of drawing optical illusions using
only the big toe on her right foot. Her left foot does all the
cooking. - Joseph J M
* Known to wear full winter attire while engaged in almost all
activities, including work, sleep, showers, miniature golf, fine
dining, but strangely not snowboarding. Also recommends and
regularly participates in baby eating. Blames it on her Dark Lord
- Khalid Q
* Her muse is named clobberin time and her farts cure the
common cold - Barry A
* She can spit with deadly accuracy. Defender of pussy willows.
Slayer of dick weed  - Devi K
* [She is] a bit of a fag hag, and that's a good thing - Chasity S
* SCIENCE!! I spied her staring at my nakedness through my
open window. Much appreciated!! - Bob C
* She has Sunshine in her eyes and can shoot rainbows out of
her ass - John M
* Who needs an ass when you poop glitter bits? - Tiara A
* Her Balls, My Chin - Hampie D'Hampstah
* She has the prettiest mouth I ever came across - NOT Chasity S
what do you want to know?
Jessica Paris
lead singer of  Honey Spot Blvd